The European Confederation of Political Science Associations (ECPSA) was founded in Berlin, Germany, in November 2007. 

It is currently a union of twenty-three national and international associations of political science in Europe.

ECPSA was established to promote the discipline’s interests and pursue its professional goals. It seeks to make political science more meaningful in public debate and policy-making.

Among other things, the union of national associations is a reaction to the increasing harmonization of the European higher education landscape. 

ECPSA creates a framework for the cooperation and exchange in Europe related to all aspects of political science as an academic discipline and its professional organization.

ECPSA has adopted a mission statement which can be found on this website.

In June 2008 the first elections of the Executive Committee were held in Valencia, Spain.

The second elections were held in October 2010 in Budapest, Hungary.

The latest were held in Berlin, Germany, in February 2013.


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ECPSA Annual General Meeting
January 12th and 13th, 2017